Location-Independence: Musings From a Modern-Day Laptop Hero

Location-Independence: Musings From a Modern-Day Laptop Hero
… day to pay the bills. Welcome to the rise of the internet-dirtbag, the one-(wo)man micro-multinational corporation, and the modern-day laptop hero. … The first entails a large degree of freedom, but it comes at the cost of earning potential (if …
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Inheritance should not be an alternative to hard work
(The book is not out in English until March but its argument is already scattered around the internet along with Prof Piketty's academic work.) … In France, for example, the savings rate is more than 10 per cent of disposable income. The biggest …
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The Digital Divide And The Uselessness Of Race
Young, college-educated, and higher-income African Americans are just as likely as their white counterparts to use the internet and to have broadband service at home. Some 86% of African Americans ages 18-29 are home broadband adopters, as are … The …
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